The management of the affairs of the Pretoria Bar is vested in the Bar Council, consisting of eighteen members who are elected annually. The Bar Council is in effect the executive committee of the Pretoria Bar and meets on a regular basis to supervise and control the day-to-day management of the affairs of the Pretoria Bar.

Each member of the Bar Council is an advocate in private practice and not a full-time executive or manager of the day-to-day affairs of the Pretoria Bar. A General Manager is employed for this purpose, who reports directly to the Bar Council. The General Manager is supported by a number of administrative staff, also employed by the Pretoria Bar. In addition the General manager is the supervisor and manager of all other staff in the service of the Pretoria Bar, which include office managers in the various buildings, receptionists, messengers, tea-ladies and two full-time librarians.

The membership of the Pretoria Bar totals more than 600 members at the present time and most of these members are also actively engaged in the administration of the affairs of the Pretoria Bar with a view to pursue the objects thereof. This engagement takes place through twenty committees, each one with a different mandate and of whom the members are annually appointed by the Bar Council. Each committee reports to the Bar Council and, in some instances, have the delegated power to decide a matter on behalf of the Bar Council.

The Annual General Meeting of Members is the highest organ within the Pretoria Bar. At the annual meeting thereof in February of each year, the members of the Bar Council are elected and that general meeting also receives and considers the annual accounts of the Pretoria Bar as well as a report from the Bar Council.